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Top 5 Things to do in Indiana

Monday, December 05, 2016

CULTURAL EXPLORATION Indiana offers a wide variety of places to explore art, science, and history. If you are traveling with kids, a good place to start would be the Children's Museum of Indiana. It is a famous museum that is also known for being the world’s largest children's museum. You and the kids get to explore the ancient history of the dinosaurs among other historical exhibits. Other educative and entertaining sites to choose from include the Indiana State Museum, the Indiana World War Memorial, and the State Capitol Building.



The ultimate experience for most families that visit Indiana has to be the Indy 500. It takes place on the last weekend of May and involves a heated automobile race. It is known to be the greatest spectacle in racing with an attendance of up to a quarter million car racing enthusiasts. Lots of kids usually get excited to visit the oval hall of fame. A museum that houses trophies and winning cars. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a brilliant, exciting place to be for the whole family.


The Indiana Polis Zoo is a must visit destination on your tour of Indiana. You and your family will get to have unique animal encounters at the zoo. The whole family can experience the thrill of walking side by side with the flamingos in their natural habitat. You will also get to touch the fins of sharks and look into the wild eyes of a tiger. If you happen to visit during winter, you can also participate in eagle watching at the state park. The Eagle Creek Park is among the largest in America. It offers a beautiful nature experience for most visitors.


Indiana’s art museums are a perfect location for a family or a couple’s picnics. The serene environments of the institutions can also be a good place for kids to play. You and your family can go hiking, walking and fishing around the many great parks and venues that Indiana offers. There are also great restaurants that offer excellent services making your visit to Indiana worthwhile.



If you are a 3D movie enthusiast, then the Indiana State Museum in White River state park is the place to be. At the theater, there is the biggest movie screen in Indiana with cinematic sounds and pictures. Although sometimes the experience might be too extreme for younger kids it can turn out to be an adventure for most visitors.

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