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Top 5 Things to do in Lousiville, Kentucky

Monday, December 05, 2016

LOUISVILLE SLUGGER MUSEUM AND FACTORY Professional baseball players get their bats from the Louisville Slugger Museum ever since Honus Wagner endorsed the first one. The factory was built well before Wagner got his bat in 1905. Right next to it is the world’s biggest baseball bat. It towers 120 feet and leans on the Slugger Museum Factory, divine right? Here, you will find Babe Ruth’s and Cal Ripken’s bats. A tour around the factory is one fast swing you can’t afford to miss, and it comes with a free miniature bat. The kids will love the trip and the tiny baseball bat at the end.


The Muhammad Ali Center is more than just a museum honoring the great boxer. It is Louisville’s way of showing that people can work out their differences. The six core principles of which form the foundation of the center. Inner strength and character to promote understanding, respect, understanding, and hope. The Center itself is a marvel of architecture genius. There’s no other building like it in the South making it worth a tour. Like the Slugger Museum and Factory, it is a great place to travel with the whole family.


If you are a history buff, you will love the Frazier History Museum. If you are not, the kids will love all the Civil War and knight’s armor housed in the Museum. It even houses Teddy Roosevelt’s “Big Stick” and Daniel Boone’s Bible. The biggest marvel at the Frazier History Museum is, however, the array of 10, 000 miniature soldiers. The soldiers depict what the Smithsonian call the 1, 000-year spectrum of the world. Together with the Muhammad Ali Center, the Frazier History Museum makes up what is known as the Museum Row.


You’ve not fully experienced Louisiana until you’ve boarded the oldest operational steamboat, the Belle of Louisiana. You find it anchored at the Fourth Street Wharf in pristine condition considering it was built way back in 1914. The entire family can go site seeing cruise while being serenaded by a real calliope. She also takes part in the Great American Steamboat Race every spring in the Kentucky Derby Festival.


Nature lovers, kids, and almost everyone else loves visiting the Louisville Zoo. It is home to some of the rarest animals on the planet including the snow leopard, black-footed ferrets, and polar bears. You can walk up along the “Gorilla Forest” which brings you mere inches from hippos and apes. Before you leave, take a picture of King Louie, a giant white alligator that lives in the park. It’s great for memories.

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