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Top 5 Things to do Los Angeles, California

Monday, December 05, 2016

THE ARCHITECTURAL WONDER: GETTY CENTER During your visit, the first destination in Los Angeles has to be the Getty Center. This construction was drafted by the architect Richard Meier. There are options for guided tours around the Getty Centre. Both the interior and the exterior are such an extraordinary work of perfect Renaissance paintings. Inside you'll find antiques and sculptures, and luxurious furniture. Outside you'll find an extensive and delightfully maintained garden. Spend the day exploring this amazing property and learn the history of the Getty Center as you enjoy the sheer beauty of it.


This Hollywood designed amusement park is a must visit for anyone traveling Los Angeles for the first time. You can have the adventure of your life with all the fun rides and roller coasters reminiscent of the ones from the films. You should take the tram tour to meet the Jurassic Park Dinosaur, War of World's broken airplane, the creepy motel from the movie psycho. ‘Despicable Me' minions dance party was a great addition to the excellent existing lineup.


Disneyland is the most happening place for the kids and teenagers. You can meet the world famous original creation of Walt Disney characters from the earlier times to the recent day's Hollywood play-ups. Disney's California Adventure focuses on these latest Hollywood trends and comes up with a new theme every other day. These theme parks are still going strong after all these years, and you can get nostalgic while reminiscing about childhood characters. You can find every type of family entertainment as well as bars, clubs, restaurants.


The Griffith Observatory offers an astonishing views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. You can ride horses and enjoy the natural beauty of the park. The park authority arranges various exhibitions and planetariums. Regardless of no entry fee, you have to buy tickets if you plan to participate in exhibitions and planetariums.


While you're in Los Angeles you must go to the renowned farmer's market. It has 82 years of rich and prosperous history. Regardless of locals, tens of thousands of visitors come to this market to enjoy the fresh and on-the-spot-making dishes. You can find unique and local cuisines with fresh and home-grown fruits and vegetables. The adjacent contemporary shopping area you can find most of your favorite brands, like Banana Republic, Tommy Bahama and Lucky Brand Jeans.


A visit to the Dodger Stadium is a must. Go watch a ball game with huge crowds! Santa Monica Pier is a charming place at the twilight. Don't forget to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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